Monday, 4 August 2008

Archive Fervour

Monday night and I'm listening to Peteris Vasks. I should add: the window is slightly ajar. My thesis is due to be submitted in days now, the conclusion yet to be written, but I know it will come to me soon, as though by magic. Soon after, I will be moving house again. 3 times in the last year. Thereafter, new directions. The end of a life-world, the emergence of a new one. In the meantime, perhaps in the spirit of this valedictory mood, (or perhaps because I've simply resigned myself to the permanence of this mood), I've decided to set-up a blog for archived writing dating around 2002-2005. The golden years of morbid pessimism, aestheticised psychopathology, and having the optimism to maintain a “correspondence.” If nothing else, piling through these folders, virtual and actual, is a pleasingly mindless distraction from the tedium of proofreading, eking out a living, and "home-hunting" (more of which later).

And here’s the link.